Dentists Testimonials

I have been shopping with Dental Savings for years now. Great customer service, fast shipping, and incredible prices.
Dr. Stephanie Greens - Brooklyn, NY
Shopping with them it’s easy and quick.
Dr. Bradley Hope - Cheshire, CT
I used to do all my ordering with Patterson but after I discovered Dental Savings I never looked back. Such friendly customer service reps, incredible prices.
Dr. Ben Johnson - Redding, CA
Dental Savings has been a money saver!!!! I get all my supply with them and so should you
Dr. Christopher Toomey - Boston, MA
I love the reorder option on the website. I simply click and my order is fulfilled
Rebecca A. Young DMD - Orem, UT
My friend recommended Dental Savings to me and I am saving money every week
Dr. Jonathon Herring - Grand Junction, CO
Great prices! Saving hundreds of dollars!!
Dr. Larry Figueroa - Cherry Hill, NJ
Fast shipping, we love it !!!
Dr. Henry White - Cincinnati, OH
I wouldn’t go anywhere else for my dental supplies
Marry Adler DDS - South Tucson, AZ
I get there anything I need, and even when I give them the Benco catalog numbers ... no problem! Somehow they know what it is and the item is on its way to me
Lisa Bergman – Savage, MN
There was a product I needed immediately but I wouldn’t pay the ridiculous price these other suppliers asked for. Thanks Dental Savings
Dr. Michael Watson - Philadelphia, PA
So many options for ordering supplies. I fax my orders with no problems
Patricia Gooding - Spring Valley, NV
I’ m using Dental Savings Auto-Ship program. I don’t have to worry about taking the time to place an order. ... Super easy
Dr. Marcus Black - Providence, RI
Just bought my daughter a car with the money I saved from Dental Savings this year
Dr. Juan Levy - Jacksonville, FL
I love to call in my order with Dental Savings. The customer service is exceptional, friendly, and professional
Dr. Lola Constance – Norfolk, VI
Dental Savings’ price match policy is the best I’ve encountered thus far
Dr. Amanda Wiggens - Wayne, PA
I love Dental Savings house brand items just as effectively as the name brand
Dr. Paul Greenberg – Edmond, OK
I will never shop on Schein again - Don’t be a fool! Shop with Dental Savings
Dr. Fredrick Gibson - Houston, TX
I am so happy I found Dental Savings
Dr. Adrian Salazar – Chicago, IL
I just started my practice and I am so glad I found them
Dr. Carol Walker – Louisville, KY
Awesome site, awesome prices, and an awesome selection of products! Dental Savings is just awesome!!
Dr. Marylee Collins – Fort Wayne, IN
So happy I switched to Dental Savings. I’ll never go back to my local vendor
Dr. Charles Kanning – Knoxville, TN
Loving the weekly deals they have
Dr. Chantal W. Ronner - Las Vegas, NV
Exceptional service! It’s a no brainer!
Dr. Susan M. Lovett - Buford, GA
It’s in the name...SAVINGS!!!!
Dr. Stanley F. Grossi - Kahului, HI
I have recommended this site to all my collegues
Dr. Luis Kyle – Kansas City, KS
The new website makes ordering easy!
Dr. Manuel Lin, Grand Rapids, MI
Savings, Savings, Savings
Dr. Brian J. Mahoney – Portsmouth, NH
I ordered at 5:45 pm and still got my stuff the next day, No kidding...
Dr. Samantha Carrozzo - Ocala, FL
Dental Savings is by far the better place to purchase all your dental supplies & Equipment
Dr. Felica Hernandez - Raleigh, NC
Do yourself a favor and shop at Dental Savings! You won’t regret it! I guarantee!
Dr. Oswaldo Pinto - Howell, NJ