Infection Control

Infection Control
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  1. Handpiece Barrier Sleeves

    Made to fit over most handpiece instruments, high quality clear plastic. Learn More
  2. CSR Wrap


    Starting at $14.95

    Strong and tear resistant, assuring sterility for instruments, gowns, etc. in the surgical environment. Learn More
  3. Earloop Masks


    Starting at $4.95

    3D Essentials Earloop Masks are an economic alternative constructed with an inner and outer layer with an ultrasonically sealed soft, stretchy, latex free ear loops for your comfort. Masks have a sewn-in elastic band for a close fit to the face.

    50 pieces per box Learn More
  4. Plaster & Stone Remover Solution

    For removal of plaster & stone from bridges, crowns, inlays, splints, dentures, instruments, etc. 1 gallon. Learn More
  5. Autoclave Tape


    Starting at $5.95

    This Tape is for use in Autoclave, Dry heat or Chemical Sterilizers and will seal Autoclave bags, Tubing, Puoches and CSR wraps. Learn More
  6. New
    Ear-Loop Masks

    SafeDent Ear-Loop Masks : Blue

    The latest addition to our mask lineup, the mask meets all criteria for ASTM standards for Moderate Barrier protection. Perfect for dust, airborne particles, moisture, spray and splatter. The same great features of our Diffuser Pleated Mask wi Learn More
  7. New
    Syringe Sleeves

    Syringe Sleeves

    2.5" x 10"
    500/Bx Learn More
  8. Caviwipes (Extra Large)


    Starting at $11.95

    Proven to kill both TB (in 5 minutes) and HBV (in 3 minutes) with quick, easy-to-use, time saving convenience. Learn More
  9. SaniTyze


    Starting at $4.95

    SaniTyze Waterless Moisturizing Antimicrobial Gel combines a highly effective 62% ethyl alcohol formula with healthy emollients that leave skin soft and smooth. Contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Keratin, and Liposomes. Meets CDC Guidelines. Learn More
  10. Medica 28 Plus

    First Medica
    Medica 28 Plus 2.5% Glutaraldehyde Solution Learn More
  11. Chair Sleeves


    Starting at $24.95

    Made of a clear plastic and designed to easily fit over most chairs. Highly durable, easy to use and easier to dispose of when finished. Half size are 27.5" x 24" Full size are 29" x 80" Learn More
  12. Tray Cleaner 16oz Powder

    Home Brand
    16oz Bottle Learn More
  13. Clear Protective Eyewear (Goggles)

    The one piece lens is made of a high impact, scratch resistant clear polycarbonate material. They provide non-glare and optically clear protection. Learn More
  14. Gloves Powder Free Latex: Aurelia


    Starting at $7.95

    Keep your office sanitary with these micro-textured latex exam gloves. The Aurelia Vibrant Powder-Free Latex Gloves are made from 100% natural rubber. Learn More
  15. BluTab Waterline Maintenance Tablets

    Starting at $33.95

    Odorless, tasteless, non-toxic, and safe for equipment Available in 2L Treatment or 750ml Treatment Learn More
  16. Chemical Spill Kit

    OSHA Compliance
    Contains 1 (16 oz) Chemabsorb,1 pair goggles, 1 scooper and pan, nitrile gloves, biohazard labels and disposal bags Learn More
  17. Gloves Powder-Free Vinyl: Defend


    Starting at $6.95

    Gloves are powder free and are latex free. Made of high-quality stretch vinyl, tear resistant. Learn More
  18. Caremax Latex Powder Free Gloves

    Starting at $6.95

    Keep your office sanitary with these latex exam gloves. The Caremax Powder-Free Latex Gloves are made from 100% natural rubber. Learn More
  19. Lab Jackets - ValuMax


    Starting at $29.95

    Extra-Safe Lab Jackets are available in several different colors and sizes. Learn More
  20. Cone Mask 1942

    3M/ ESPE
    Molded face mask is fluid resistant, latex free, and has a greater than 99% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) at 4.6-4.7 microns.

    50pcs per box

    Blue Learn More
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