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  1. Endo-Ice Hygenic

    A fast and easy method to test pulp vitality. Fresh spearmint aroma. Learn More
  2. RC-Prep Jar

    Used for Chemo-Mechanical Preparation of Root Canals. Learn More
  3. Sodium Hypochlorite

    Used for irrigation, debridement, and disinfection of root canals. 16oz Bottle Learn More
  4. Sealapex

    Non-eugenol, calcium hydroxide polymeric root canal sealer. 12 Gm. Base, 12 Gm. Catalyst and 1 Mixing Pad. Learn More
  5. EZ-Fill Automix Syringe Xpress

    Original powder / gel EZ-Fill and New Auto Mix EZ-Fill XPRESS provides thorough obturation. Learn More
  6. RC-Prep Syringe

    RC-Prep Syringe consists of a package of two 9gm illed syringes. Learn More
  7. Endo Z Bur 21mm

    Home Brand
    This long, tapered bur creates a funnel shape for easier access in the pulp chamber. Learn More
  8. Tubliseal

    Tubli-Seal is a paste/paste zinc oxide eugenol radiopaque root canal sealer. Tubli-Seal is light in color, non darkening, and radiopaque. Learn More
  9. EZ-Fill Epoxy Root Canal Cement Kit (AH26 Replacement)

    Contains 1 (7.5 g) root canal epoxy cement gel, 1 (8 g) powder and 1 measuring scoop Learn More
  10. Diapex

    Premixed Calcium Hydroxide with Iodoform. Learn More
  11. Chloroform

    Solvent used for cleaning up cements from tools and mixing equipment. Learn More
  12. Root Canal Sealer

    Indicated for both primary and permanent teeth. Learn More
  13. Prep-Rite RC

    Prep-Rite RC Kit: 4 x 5 gm syringes. For picking up on files or filling the access cavity using the traditional technique. Learn More
  14. Digitest™ II Pulp Vitality Tester - Parkell - D640

    Designed for optimal ergonomics and easy handling. Automatic one-button operation. Three rates of stimulus increase – slow, medium and fast. Unit remembers the previous rate of speed programmed. Learn More
  15. EZ-Fill Epoxy Root Canal Cement Gel Refill

    7.5 gm Root Canal Epoxy Cement Gel Refill Learn More
  16. Galaxy Taper Nickel Titanium Rotary Files

    Starting at $59.95

    Nickel Titanium Files

    Files Are Packed of 6

    All Files Come With Rubber Stoppers

    Learn More

  17. SafeSiders


    Starting at $25.95

    Non-circular, non-interrupted flat-sided reamers designed to reduce endodontic stress and advance faster with less resistance to the apex. Learn More
  18. K-Files


    Starting at $7.95

    Designed to clean and shape root canals. Produced to give the Doctor a smooth, tactile sense inside the canal during instrumentation.Pkg.of 6 Learn More
  19. Monoject Endodontic Irrigation Syringes + Needles

    Monoject/ Kendall/Covidien

    Starting at $49.95

    Sterile. Luer lock needle/syringe combination. Disposable. * Flow Control notched tip permits greater irrigation of tooth canal. * Precision, heat-etched, permanent graduations. * Leak-proof. Learn More
  20. Gutta Percha Points


    Starting at $6.95

    Precisely produced by machine rolling for uniform taper and flexibility. Utilizes natural raw materials to enhance handling characteristics. Available in sets of 6 vials of 20 points each Learn More
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