Crown & Bridge Products

Crown & Bridge Products
A Crown is an application used to repair a badly-broken or damaged tooth without the need for removal or dental implantation. Essentially, a crown is a cap used to restore a tooth to its original appearance and prevent further damage or decay. A bridge, unlike a crown, utilizes existing teeth to fill in an area left vacant by a missing tooth. This method anchors a prosthetic tooth into the gap with the two adjacent teeth to establish symmetry and create a natural-looking appearance.
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  1. ** SHORT DATED ** Luxatemp Automix Plus Refill Cartridge A1

    Zenith/ DMG
    76gm.Cartridge and 15 Automix Tips Learn More
  2. Protemp 2

    3M/ ESPE

    Starting at $349.95

    Hand-mix Bis-Acryl composite for temporary crowns and bridges. 2 x 28g Base & 4.8g Catalyst Available shades - A1, A3 Learn More
  3. Temp Tabs

    Temp Tabs True Blue Thermoplastic Matrix Wafers
    Box of 72 Learn More
  4. Ceramir

    Ceramir Crown and Bridge QuikCap.

    Natural and Biocompatible

    Moisture Tolerant

    Eliminates Sensitivity

    Capsules can be self-activated. 20 x 0.17ml QuckCap Capsules Learn More

  5. Crown Grabber

    Home Brand
    Stainless Steel Crown Grabber. Learn More
  6. Turbo Temp Crown & Bridge Temp.Material Danville


    Starting at $99.95

    Turbo Temp™ 2 syringeable microlled composite produces aesthetically superior provisional restorations. With less than 0.4% shrinkage, this provisional material is so accurate that when used in conjunction with a good vinyl polysiloxane such as Star VPS, it makes incomparably fast and accurate temporaries, rarely requiring occlusal adjustment. Learn More
  7. Protemp (4) Garant Plus

    3M/ ESPE

    Starting at $129.95

    Protemp (4) Garant Standard Package

    Automix Temporary Crown and Bridge Composite.

    • Highest fracture resistance and gloss without polishing.
    • Excellent aesthetics, a comfortable fit and easy plaque removal.
    • Faster procedure and brilliant results without polishing or glazing.
    • Designed to fit on a 1:10 style automix gun.

      Includes 67gm. Cartridge and 16 Garant Mixing Tips.

      Available in shades A1, A2, & A3.

      Learn More
  8. Jet Repair Acrylic Liquid


    Starting at $15.95

    Jet Acrylic Liquid is a self curing acrylic resin for making stronger, more color stable, temporary crown and bridge restorations.

    Available in the 118ml or 236 ml Size. Learn More

  9. Crown & Bridge Temporary Material - Defend


    Starting at $79.95

    Temporary Crown & Bridge is a bis-acryl composite for chairside provisional restorations. DEFEND Temporary Crown & Bridge is fast and accurate. Comes in one 76g cartridges designed to fit on a 1:10 style automix gun. Learn More
  10. LuxaFlow

    Zenith/ DMG

    Starting at $44.95

    LuxaFlow is used as an add-on resin for Luxatemp and other bisacryl provisional materials. It is highly polishable for optimum esthetic results. LuxaFlow can be used to fill, build-up, or repair almost any bisacryl provisional.

    Includes two 1.5 gr. Syringes.

    Available in shades A1, A2, A3.5 and B1. Learn More

  11. ** SHORT DATED ** Protemp 4 Garant A1

    3M/ ESPE
    Packaging: 67g Base / Catalyst Paste + 16 Mixing Tips Blue Learn More
  12. Crown & Bridge Dispensing Gun Type 50

    Home Brand
    Automix Dispenser - Type 50 Applicator Gun 50 ml temporary crown and bridge material applicator gun. Type 50 - 4:1/10:1 Applicator Gun. Learn More
  13. Temporary Crown and Bridge Material - MARK3


    Starting at $89.95

    MARK3 self-curing Temporary Crown & Bridge Material.

    Unique formulation featuring excellent mechanical and esthetic properties for short & long-term provisionals.

    Uses 10:1 style mixing tips and dispenser. Learn More

  14. Crown & Bridge Temporary Material - House Brand (Integrity Replacement)


    Starting at $72.95

    •Cartridge Refill •76gm Cartridge, 15 Mixing Tips Learn More
  15. Crown Scissors

    Home Brand
    Stainless steel Crown Scissors with firm build. Learn More
  16. Luxatemp Cartridge

    Zenith/ DMG

    Starting at $138.95

    76gr. Cartridge + 15 Tips. Learn More
  17. Temphase Cartridge


    Starting at $259.95

    Temporary Crown & Bridge material. Excellent polishability, also minimizes gingival irritation. Learn More
  18. Jet Repair Acrylic Powder


    Starting at $16.95

    2 oz. Powder Bottle. A self curing acrylic resin for making stronger, more color stable, temporary crown and bridge restorations. Various shades available below. Learn More
  19. Crown & Bridge Temporary Material - Genesis

    The Pelican Group

    Starting at $79.95

    Genesis Crown & Bridge Material with Fluorescence and Nano technologies provides speedy, strong temporaries with excellent esthetics.

    Comes in one 76g cartridges designed to fit on a 1:1 style automix gun. Learn More

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