Core Materials

Core Materials

What Are Core Materials?

Core build-up materials are used when there is not enough healthy tooth left for proper crown placement. Building up the core of the tooth with resin or plastic composites allows for a better retention of the crown and a reduced sensitivity while strengthening the tooth itself. Ideally, the composition of core build-up materials should be close to that of dentin. With Dental Savings' great deals on wholesale dental supplies, you can get high-quality core materials at unbeatable prices.

A Variety of Product Types for Diverse Applications

No two patients are alike, and that goes for the placement of their crowns, as well. Depending upon the condition of your patients' teeth, the methods you plan to use and your professional dental preferences, you may choose one type of core build-up product over another. At Dental Savings, we offer a variety of discount dental supplies and affordable build-up materials in the form of pastes, mixable capsules, auto-mixing syringes, and more.

For applications where light exposure is minimal and strength is key, Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-Up Material is a syringe-style product that can be cured in seconds with light and/or on its own in less than five minutes. Or, for a strong direct tooth bond and high fluoride release that reduces the risk of future decay, choose the no-mess capsules of Miracle Mix—a combination of glass ionomer cement and silver alloy powder.

Save on Core Materials and Other Dental Supplies Online with Dental Savings

When it's time to put in an order for core build-up materials, turn to a company that specializes in selling dental supplies wholesale. Our varied selection allows you to choose the composition and design that works best for your patients as well as your practice's budget. Browse our assortment of core materials below and get discounted wholesale prices on the brand name products dentists trust.

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  1. Dual Cure Flowable Core Build-Up Material

    iSmile Dental
    A Dual-Cure Core material characterized by its high flexural and compressive strength. Designed for areas where light is difficult to reach as it ensures polymerization in all parts due to its dual curing properties. Light cured in a few seconds or self cured in 4:30 minutes. Color changing formula allows you to easily see when the material is fully cured. Color changes from light yellow to an A3 Opaque when light cured. Includes a 10gm syringe & 5 mixing tips. Learn More
  2. Miracle Mix Kit

    Metal-reinforced ionomer restorative used as a crown and core build up material. Learn More
  3. Ketac Silver Applicap Refill

    3M/ ESPE
    Precapsulated glass Ionomer/ Silver restorative.Contains no amalgam. Chemical bond to enamel and dentin Radiopaque. Learn More
  4. Miracle Mix Capsules

    Precapsulated Metal-reinforced ionomer restorative used as a crown and core build up material. Learn More
  5. Vitremer

    Starting at $87.95

    An advanced glass ionomer system that offers a three-way cure for core buildup and restorative applications. Learn More
  6. Clearfil Photo Core


    Starting at $98.95

    Clearfil Photo Core is the 5-star, award winning light-cure core build-up material provided in syringe dispensing--and now provided in the convenient PLT dispensing. Learn More
  7. Luxacore Dual

    Zenith/ DMG

    Starting at $139.95

    The LuxaCore Dual is a revolutionary new dual-cure version of LuxaCore, the original one-step automix core build-up material. Learn More
  8. Compcore AF Core Materials


    Starting at $117.95

    Advanced Formula, Dual-Cure CompCore™ AF
    Provides exceptional performance and the enhanced light-curing properties save considerable time. If light-curing is not an option – allow CompCore™ AF to self-cure in 4.5 minutes intraorally! Learn More
  9. Hard core build up material


    Starting at $39.95

    A two paste dual cure composite restorative and core build-up material with fluoride release. The off-white color is easily distinguished from tooth structure and does not create shadows in crowns. Learn More
  10. Ti-Core


    Starting at $126.95

    Ti-Core reinforced core materials

    Ti-Core Auto E: Auto mix syringe. Dual cured composite material in Shade Vita A2. 1 (4.5 g) base automix syringe and 1 (4.5 g) catalyst automix syringe

    Ti-Core Natural: For aesthetic restorations. Paste formula, Shade Vita A3. 1 (14 g) jar base, 1 (15 g) jar catalyst, plastic spatulas and mixing pad Learn More

  11. ProGlass Silver Kit

    Silmet BJM Lab
    Designed to offer strong abrasion resistance, ProGlass Silver offers a unique blend of spherical silver-tin alloy with glass ionomer, providing an ultimate balance between working and setting time. Learn More
  12. Absolute Dentin Core Materials


    Starting at $77.95

    Automix for quick dispensing.
    Stronger core resists flexing. Learn More
  13. Core Build-Up Dual Cure Automix - MARK3


    Starting at $68.95

    MARK3 Core Build-Up is a dual cure, high radiopaque flowable micro-hybrid composite material with nano particle for core build-up and cementation of posts. 2 x 5ml Automix Syringes, 10 Mixing Tips, & 10 Intra-oral Tips Learn More
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