Cements and Liners

Cements and Liners
Dental cements and liners can be made from resin, phosphate or phenolate. Dental cements are composite materials made from powders usually zinc oxide or aluminosilicate can be mixed with various liquid agents such as phosphoric acid, eugenol, polyacrylic, eugenol, etc to cause a reaction. The liquid partially dissolves the powder particles and forms a matrix which becomes hard and act as a glue and is used as dental cement for crowns and posts.
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  1. Vitrebond Clicker

    3M/ ESPE

    Starting at $179.95

    Single or Double Pack - Light-Cure Glass Ionomer Liner/Base. Clicker Dispenser. Learn More
  2. Ceramir

    Ceramir Crown and Bridge QuikCap.

    Natural and Biocompatible

    Moisture Tolerant

    Eliminates Sensitivity

    Capsules can be self-activated. 20 x 0.17ml QuckCap Capsules Learn More

  3. Fuji Lining LC Paste Pack

    7g Cartridge Glass Ionomer Liner/Base Paste. Learn More
  4. Rely X Unicem 2 Automix Refill Syringe

    3M/ ESPE

    Starting at $138.95

    Enhanced next generation self-adhesive resin cement. Learn More
  5. ** SHORT DATED ** RelyX U200 Automix Syringe - Translucent

    3M/ ESPE
    Packaging: 1 x 8.5 gram syringe & 10 mixing tips (regular), 5 mixing tips (wide) & endo tips Learn More
  6. TempBond Unidose


    Starting at $44.95

    TempBond is a temporary cement fortrial cementing restorations or cementing temporary crowns and bridges. Learn More
  7. New

    Reinforced Z.O.E. Cement MARK3 (IRM Replacement)

    Reinforced Z.O.E. Cement Intermediate Restorative Material Package Includes:

    50g Powder

    15ml Liquid

    1 scoop

    1 dropper Learn More

  8. Fuji Plus 1:1 Kit

    Resin Reinforced Glass Ionomer Luting cement. for final cementation of Metal or PMF Crowns and bridges tooth structure or other type of core build up material. Learn More
  9. New
    Gluma Desensitizer

    Gluma Desensitizer

    Heraeus Kulzer
    Gluma Desensitizer is used for treating cervical hypersensitivity and eliminating dentinal hypersensitivity.
    5ml Bottle Learn More
  10. Zone Temporary Cement (Integrity Tempgrip Replacement)

    DUX Dental

    Starting at $29.95

    ZONE is a zinc oxide non-eugenol temporary cement. It is compatible with all provisional materials, and will not soften, craze, or discolor acrylic or polycarbonate crowns. Zone is kind to the pulp and tissue, and will not decalcify dentin. Learn More
  11. Flexi-Flow CEM Composite Cement Kit

    Starting at $109.95

    Flexi-Flow is the he only patented, titanium reinforced composite cement with the strength of dentin. It provides a solid foundation for your post and restoration. Learn More
  12. Panavia F 2.0 Oxyguard II

    Oxyguard is an oxygen-inhibiting gel that enables complete curing when applied to the margins after removing the excess resin. Learn More
  13. Ketac Cem Radiopaque

    3M/ ESPE

    Starting at $54.95

    Permanent glass ionomer luting cement in a hand-mix version offers fluoride release, optimal fit and marginal integrity. Learn More
  14. ** SHORT DATED ** RelyX Temp Cement NE

    3M/ ESPE
    Packaging: 1 - 16gm Catalyst , 1 - 36gm Base & Mixing Pad Learn More
  15. Ketac Bond

    3M/ ESPE

    Starting at $68.95

    A hand-mixed, radiopaque glass ionomer base material for cavity lining that offers high, long-term fluoride release. Learn More
  16. GC FujiCEM 2 Mixing Tips Automix Slide & Lock


    Starting at $19.95

    GC FujiCEM 2 Mixing Tips Automix Slide & Lock Learn More
  17. New
    Rely X Plus 2 clickers

    Rely X Plus 2 Clickers

    3M/ ESPE
    Hybrid Glass-Ionomer cement, for crown and bridge procedures. 2- 11.5gr Clickers Learn More
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