Online Dental Supplies Review: Joy Bond

In our ongoing series of online dental products and supplies reviews, we take a look at the dental product Joy Bond this month. Joy Bond offers many benefits your dental office, dental clinic, or dental practice can gain by using our wholesale dental supplies.

Joy Bond

What Is Joy Bond?

Joy Bond is a light cure, fifth-generation adhesive that incorporates aspects of both a primer and a bonding resin in a single bottled application. Joy Bond is designed to bond composites and compomers (hybrid dental composites with glass ionomer cement) to dentin and enamel tooth surfaces. Joy Bond also works effectively with:

This single component, multi-use adhesive is hydrophilic and suitable for use on moist dentine and dental surfaces. You may also use Joy Bond for indirect dual-cured dental restoration. Joy Bond is available in a 7 ml bottle.

How Does Joy Bond Compare to Prime & Bond®

Joy Bond features all of the same features as Prime & Bond®. Prime & Bond® is also a light cure adhesive that can be used to bond composites and compomers. It also works with amalgam, metal, and ceramic restoratives, as well as on moist dentin and dental surfaces. However, the one drawback of Prime & Bond® is it only is offered in smaller 4.5 ml bottles.

As a result, you will need much more space to store numerous bottles of Prime & Bond® compared to Joy Bond. In addition, you will not get as many uses out of a single bottle. For these reasons, it is better to use Joy Bond at your dental practice.
Joy Bond for Dentists

Are There Discounts for Joy Bond for Dentists?

Yes, there are wholesale discounts for Joy Bond for dentists and dental practices when they buy in bulk. For instance, we offer a fifteen percent discount when you purchase of two bottles of Joy Bond. If you require much larger quantities, we highly recommend to contact us directly to discuss whether there could potentially be further bulk discounts available.

Joy Bond is just one of numerous dental products and supplies you can find available in our online store. We carry an extensive selection of:

Our goal is to ensure you have easy access to all of the materials, products, equipment, and tools you need for your dental office at reasonable and discounted prices. For wholesale prices on Joy Bond and all of your dental supplies, shop online at Dental Savings or call us at 888-620-3368 today!

Online Dental Supplies Review: Impregum Penta Soft and Impregum F

In this segment, we will look a few different Impregum brand products and how they can benefit your dental practice. These products are some more of our popular wholesale dental supplies we feature here at Dental Savings.

What Is Impregum Penta Soft?

Impregum Penta Soft is a less rigid, soft polyether impression material used to make dental impressions. This particular product is easier to remove and provides better initial hydrophilicity than other VPS products. Plus, it is a great solution when you need to take impressions in moist conditions and will provide void-free results.

Impregum Penta Soft also has excellent flow properties to ensure you capture the finer details for precise and accurate impressions. Benefits of this product include:

Impregum Penta Soft

Impregum Penta Soft is available in cartridge dispensers and Pentamix™ Mixing units, as well as medium body and heavy body formulations. Either formulation is great for creating impressions for:

What Is Impregum F?

Impregum F is a medium body polyether impression material. It is available in a hand-mix formulation and provides very precise results when used with the monophasic technique. This product is a medium viscosity polyether. Just like Impregum Penta Soft, Impregum F can be used to make impressions for:

Impregum F maintains its hydrophilic state before, during, and after making impressions, until fully set, for unsurpassed accuracy. The product will also work and function correctly even when there is moisture present.

The application of Impregum F is design to flow smoothly with proper pressure to reach critical areas. Once applied, it remains in a fixed location without the need of any added pressure. This product also features the “snap-set behavior” found in Impregum Penta Soft to help reduce the potential for distortions during the setting and removal processes to ensure highly detailed, accurate, and precise impressions.

As a result, dentists are able to make proper fitting restorations for their patients. Keep in mind, this is a hand-mix formula that delivers a medium body polyether material and is well-suited for dentists who like to mix their own impression materials.
Impregum Penta Soft and Impregum F

What Is the Difference Between Impregum Products and Polyjel® NF™?

The key difference between Polyjel® NF™ and Impregum Penta Soft and Impregum F is that Polyjel® NF™ is a brand name product. Just like Impregum products, it is a polyether impression material used to make impressions for crowns, bridges, and so on.

While all three products are made from high-quality materials, another difference is how much they cost. Impregum products cost a fraction of Polyjel®, which means you can get more impression materials for less! For wholesale prices on all of your dental supplies, shop online at Dental Savings today or call us at 888-620-3368 today!

Save Time and Money: Choose Cavex CA37 Alginate

Cavex CA37 Alginate
As a dental practice, reducing overhead is important for a thriving practice. You want the materials that will provide your patients the best clinical outcome and, at the same time, improve the productivity and revenue of your practice. The money you spend on everything from tools and equipment to lighting and the cable bill add up fast, not to mention the salaries you pay your employees.

With Dental Savings online dental supplies, you can allocate your dental materials funds by purchasing brand replacement dental products such as Jeltrate replacement alginate.

Why is Jeltrate so popular? Because the brand name has a few key characteristics, including a hydrophilic composition. Most alginate is hydrophobic, which requires vigorous mixing after the addition of water, and the patient’s teeth must be substantially dry so the impression will be flawless. Jeltrate is used both in the dental and medical fields.

Choosing the right impression material is important. Sending an impression to a dental lab that includes voids, the inadequate capture of margins, and other defects costs money and aggravation to dental practices concerned about keeping patients happy and maintaining excellent clinical results. Dentists often face a challenge when choosing the appropriate impression material to use with the wide array of materials on the market.

Accurate dental impressions rely on proper technique, of course, but, without the best material characteristics, you can’t get the best result. Your choice of alginate materials also will depend on the type of treatment being provided. However, The National Institute of Health recommends irreversible hydrocolloid impression materials, known as alginate, even over the more advanced rubber-based impression materials.

Alginates are best utilized for patients getting impressions for orthodontic models, sports mouth guards, and bleaching trays. They make excellent diagnostic and preliminary casts for anything that needs perfect accuracy, such as for creating crowns and bridges or natural-fitting athletic mouth guards. Alginate replacement materials are beneficial because they can be poured multiple times and the material does not have to be mixed by hand, which reduces cleanup time.

Dental Savings provides Class-A alginate material for the most accurate impressions, with a dust-free formula. It is naturally hydrophilic for easy mixing and excellent wettability of oral tissues.

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Call us at (201) 758-5100 to speak with a representative today and reserve your order for Jeltrate-replacement alginate and a variety of other dental products!

Online Dental Supplies Review: MARK3 Composite Polishing Kit and JOY Gloss

Here at Dental Savings, we like to provide dental professionals access to wholesale dental supplies they need for their practices. To help dentists and dental offices find the products and materials they require, we like providing reviews of some of our featured brands, available at our discounted prices. In this blog post, we will take a look at two of our featured brand products: MARK3 Composite Polishing Kits and JOY Gloss Finishing and Polishing Kits.

Online Dental SuppliesWhat Is MARK3 Composite Polishing Kit?

MARK3 offers a complete, one-step finishing and polishing system, similar to Enhance. Yet, it costs significantly less. Benefits of using MARK3 at your dental practice include:

What Is JOY Gloss?

JOY Gloss is a brand replacement product you can use at your dental clinic instead of Enhance. It is a finishing and polishing product offered in different formats, including:

The main benefit of JOY Gloss is it offers similar results for polishing, contouring, and shaping. JOY Gloss is a complete system where you can complete finishing processes and polishing all in a single application. Plus, it is easy to switch between different tips for different procedures.

Are There Differences Between MARK3, JOY Gloss, and Enhance?

One of the key differences between these three products is that both MARK3 and JOY Gloss include the mandrel with the polishing tips, whereas, with the Enhance brand, you have to purchase the polishing cups separately from the required mandrels, which further increases the costs for Enhance.

Another noticeable difference is that, while all three products are made from high-quality materials and deliver very similar results, both MARK3 and JOY Gloss cost significantly less— approximately half the cost of Enhance. This means you can get twice the amount of finishing and polishing cups, discs, and points with MARK3 or JOY Gloss, compared to Enhance.

Wholesale Dental SuppliesAs you can see, both MARK3 and JOY Gloss offer great options for dental procedures in your dental office that will not only bring a smile on your face but, also, your patients. In addition, if you want to save even more on these brands, bulk pricing discounts might be available when you order large enough quantities, so remember to inquire when you place your order.

For more information about MARK3 Composite Polishing Kits and JOY Gloss Finishing and Polishing Kits and our other wide selections of online dental supplies at wholesale prices, please feel free to browse our website further or contact Dental Savings at 1-888-313-DENT (1-888-313-3368) today!

Save Money and Use Fuji Lining, JOY-CAL, and Lime-Lite Instead of Dycal®

In the dental industry, there is a wide array of products you can use in place of Dycal® that costs much less. These brand replacement products contain similar ingredients and perform the same functions as this brand name. Choosing between Fuji Lining, JOY-CAL, and Lime-Lite largely depends upon the type of dental procedures being performed, such as filling a cavity or installing a crown.

It is worthwhile to determine which product will satisfy your needs by comparing any differences. In many cases, the products will be almost identical, and, in others, they could be for specific treatments and procedures. No matter which one you select—Fuji Lining, JOY-CAL, or Lime-Lite—you will find them offered here as wholesale dental supplies, saving you even more.

Dental Supplies Wholesale

Differences Between Radiopaque Calcium Hydroxide Composition Products

First, we will look at a brand name product, called Dycal®. It is designed to work with other types of dental products, like adhesives and composite fillings, and to not interfere with the purpose of those products. Its indicated usages include providing a protective liner underneath dental cements, base materials, and fillings.

Next, let’s look at a brand replacement called JOY-CAL, which is also a radiopaque calcium hydroxide liner product. It is a self-setting cavity liner and pulp capping agent, and it insulates the dentin and pulp from acids found in certain restoratives and cements. This product is also formulated to not interfere with the use of composites, adhesives, and other dental products.

Another option is Fuji Lining LC Paste. It is a glass-ionomer line/base material product offered as a paste or as a paste delivery system. Fuji Lining is designed to be used under the placement of amalgam or composite resin restorations, much like the brand name product, but it also contains fluoride while minimalizing sensitivity.

A third option we want to look at is called Lime-Lite. This product is a light cured, fluoride releasing, radiopaque cavity liner and base material that contains hydroxyapatite in a urethane dimethacrylate resin. It is specially formulated to work with adhesives, composites, and other restorative dental materials.

As you can see, all four products are designed and formulated to provide similar results and work with other dental materials while allowing you to use them as cavity liners, pulp and dentin substitutes, and other such procedures. Since they all do similar things, then it is really a matter of choosing the right brand replacement which has the features you require for a particular dental procedure, and that will allow you to take advantage of the lower cost and wholesale pricing.

To learn more about our wholesale pricing on Fuji Lining, JOY-CAL, or Lime-Lite, as well as our wide array of dental products, supplies, and materials, please feel free to explore our site further or contact Dental Savings at 1-888-313-DENT (1-888-313-3368) today!

Choose Silmet Nogama or Joy Alloy Instead of Dispersalloy

Why is Dispersalloy so popular? As a dental amalgam product for repairing cavities, the brand name product Dispersalloy is a popular choice thanks to a few key characteristics. The product is self-activating, which eliminates the need for a separate amalgam activation tool.

Dispersalloy also has a one-hour compression strength time (to reduce the likelihood of early bulk fracture or marginal ridge fracture), resistance to condensation (for good margin adaptation) and approximately three minutes of work time.

Brand Replacement Products (Silmet Nogama and Joy Alloy) vs. Dispersalloy

Fortunately for dental offices who prefer to purchase their dental supplies wholesale rather than pay exorbitant brand name prices, there are high-quality brand replacement products on the market that work just as well (if not better). Two of these products are Silmet Nogama and Joy Alloy. Both of these products are available from online dental supplies stores like Dental Savings.

Silmet Nogama

Silmet Nogama is a Dispersalloy replacement product manufactured by Silmet BJM Lab. The product is an admix of copper-silver eutectic particles and lathe-cut conventional alloy that allows for a firm pack and smooth dental carving.

Silmet Nogama provides increased tooth strength, high durability, excellent margin adaptation, and lasting corrosion resistance. This product is available from Dental Savings in one-, two-, or three-spill options and either fast set or regular set. Prices range from $79.95 to $99.95 for a 50-pack and from $789.95 to $989.95 for a 500-pack.

Joy Alloy

Joy Alloy is a quality brand replacement product manufactured by 3D. On Dental Savings, Joy Alloy is also available in one-, two-, or three-spill options and either fast set or regular set. A 50-pack of capsules ranges from $45.95 to $75.95. This is a huge savings over the cost of Dispersalloy; a 50-pack of the same spill and set can cost as much as $40 more than Joy Alloy.

Although brand name products are often touted as being the best, they’re often simply the most common due to marketing and name recognition. Before you decide to pay for the Dispersalloy name, take a look at what Silmet Nogama and Joy Alloy have to offer. You may find that a brand replacement product can do exactly what you need it to do without the added expense.

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Defend VPS Putty and Mark-3 VPS Putty: Better Alternatives to Aquasil

Dental suppliesDental putty

Being able to make good quality dental impressions is key to the development of well-fitting prosthodontics, maxillofacial prosthetics, dental implants, and more. While many dentists choose to use an expensive brand name impression putty product like Aquasil, others prefer to save money by selecting equally high-quality brand name replacement products.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss two products that can easily replace Aquasil while saving dentists money: Defend VPS Putty and MARK3 VPS Putty.

Why Is the Aquasil Brand So Popular?

Aquasil is a popular brand of dental impression putty for its tear strength, work times, and wettability. Another reason it’s popular is simply because it’s a major brand name product (which is, of course, a common marketing tactic). Despite the popularity of Aquasil as a brand, however, there are a variety of replacement products that can perform just as well at a significantly lower cost.

Defend VPS Putty and Mark-3 VPS Putty

Defend VPS Putty is an Aquasil alternative that boasts a high tear strength, great impression integrity, and overall precision. This product exceeds ISO 4380 standards and is available in two types—fast set and regular set—for flexibility in different situations. Both types of this VPS Putty are available from Dental Savings for $49.95.

Mark-3 VPS Putty is another quality brand replacement product featuring excellent dimensional stability (for fewer distortions), easy extrusion, a high-performance cartridge system, and high levels of patient comfort. Mark-3 VPS Putty is also available in fast-set and regular-set types, as well as a variety of grit options. Each of the eight different Mark-3 impression putty products available from Dental Savings can be purchased for $29.95.

With similarly-sized Aquasil products coming in at anywhere from $80-100, these two brand replacement products offer roughly 50-60% cost savings over the brand-name product.

Why Buy Brand Replacement Products?

Consumers of all kinds—even highly-respected doctors at professional medical offices—often mistakenly believe that brand name products are somehow inherently better than others. This is simply not true. In the case of Defend VPS Putty and Mark-3 VPS Putty vs. Aquasil, the brand replacement products offer excellent tear strength, precise impressions, and a variety of grit and viscosity options to rival those of the brand name.

One of the greatest benefits of buying brand replacement products is that you won’t be paying extra simply for the name of the product. By saving a good amount of money on the products your dental practice purchases, you can pass on the savings to your customers, giving your office a competitive edge over other dentists.

Get Great Deals on Putty and Other Dental Supplies Online

At Dental Savings, we offer wholesale dental supplies at great prices without sacrificing on quality. As one of America’s leading dental supply wholesalers, we put customer service at the top of our priorities and strive to offer the best supplies to U.S. dental professionals at the most competitive prices. From alloys to x-rays, Dental Savings has everything your dental practice needs at a fraction of competitors’ prices.

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Three Replacement Brand Root Canal Sealers That Are Better Than AH 26/AH Plus

When it comes to performing root canal procedures, the ubiquitous AH 26 and AH Plus are go-to endodontic sealing products, but did you know that there are equally good replacement brand products that produce the same results at a fraction of the AH 26/AH Plus price? In this blog post, we’ll take a look at three such fillers that get the job done just as well: EZ-Fill, Diapex, and Tubliseal.

Three Great Generics with Equally Great Prices

EZ Fill

Let’s take a closer look at three quality alternative brand root canal fillers that work just as well as AH 26 and AH Plus (and won’t damage your budget):

EZ-Fill is an epoxy cement gel product manufactured by Essential Dental Systems. The product is meant to be able to fully coat the walls of the root canal and lateral canals, and it is available from Dental Savings for $89.95.


Diapex is an affordable root canal filler manufactured by DiaDent and made from a premixed compound of Calcium Hydroxide and Iodoform. This product can be used as a filler in both temporary and permanent root canal procedures and is available from Dental Savings for $42.95.


Tubliseal is a zinc oxide eugenol root canal sealer paste that is light-colored and non-darkening, and which is radiopaque (visible on x-ray imaging). This product is manufactured by Kerr and is available from Dental Savings for only $39.95.

 Why Buy Replacement Brands?

 The most obvious reason to opt for a replacement brand product over a big brand name product is the reduced price. With a replacement brand product, you don’t have to pay extra simply because of the name on the box. Also, because replacement brand alternatives are designed to achieve the same effects as the brand name product they’re imitating, you don’t have to worry about whether the product will do what you want it to.

According to CNN Money, those consumers who are the most informed about a certain type of product tend to buy the replacement brands for that product. For example, a doctor will buy the replacement brand version of a medication nine times out of ten and a professional chef will also opt for store-brand ingredients over brand name products. Research from economists at Tilburg University and the University of Chicago also found that Americans spend an excess of $44 billion per year buying brand name products when they could be purchasing the same things in generic form.¹

 Save Big on Dental Tools and Supplies with Dental Savings

 The cost of dental products can make running a dental practice an expensive endeavor. Fortunately, Dental Savings can help you save hundreds of dollars on great products with affordable replacement brand alternatives. Our wholesale dental supplies and tools come at a great price with no sacrifice on quality. Plus, you can buy your dental supplies online and have them shipped directly to your office!

To learn more about our company and our products, contact us toll-free at (888) 620-DENTAL.