A metal or plastic device designed with a hinge to reproduce the open, close and side-to-side movement of the lower jaw.
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  1. PIP - Pressure Indicator Paste

    When fitting and adjusting dentures, use Pressure Indicator Paste to identify high spots. 2.25 oz Jar Learn More
  2. PIP Pressure Indicator Paste White

    White Silicone Pressure Indicator Paste, adheres to dentures and partials only. Learn More
  3. Spotit® C&B contact finder


    Starting at $49.95

    Spotit is a coloured marker available on straight and angled handle. Learn More
  4. Shimstock


    Starting at $19.95

    Shimstock Occlusion Foil accurately detects high spots in any restoration or natural tooth occlusions. Learn More
  5. Articulating Paper


    Starting at $6.95

    Clearly mark articulating surfaces to facilitate accurate marking. Learn More
  6. Articulation Paper - Bausch


    Starting at $9.95

    Bausch articulating papers with progressive color transfer are pressure sensitive. The lighter the bite the lighter the mark; the harder the bite the darker the mark. Learn More
  7. Color Transfer Applicators

    Great Plains Dental Products
    Bottle of 150 applicators Learn More
  8. PIP Brush

    12 piece brush set used to apply Pressure Indicator Paste.
    REF # 6120600 Learn More
  9. Fit Checker

    C-silicone for checking fit of crowns, Inlays and Dentures. Learn More
  10. PIP Spray


    Starting at $12.95

    PIP Spray is the perfect companion product to PIP paste. This mint flavored wetting agent can be sprayed onto teeth and soft tissue to produce smooth, accurate bubble-free surfaces on all types of impression material. Use as a rinse to eliminate ropy saliva. Available in 4 oz. and 16 oz. bottles.

    Learn More
  11. AccuFilm II


    Starting at $21.95

    For precise occlusal equilibration and restoration adjustments, nothing in the world beats AccuFilm. Learn More
  12. Madame Butterfly Silk Articulating


    Starting at $23.95

    Silk Ribbon 3/4" wide 18 yards long. Available in Blue, Green, and Red. Learn More
  13. Occlude Indicator Spray


    Starting at $18.95

    For articulation marking, approximately 180 applications per container. Learn More
  14. Articulation Paper Horseshoe

    Our Articulating Paper is soft, smooth and non-sticking. The super sensitive paper is great for marking at every point of articulations. Learn More
  15. Articulating Paper Forceps

    Standard articulating paper forceps Learn More
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