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About Dental Savings

Company Mission & Objectives

Improving the service and Increasing Savings of any Dentist in the USA by providing high quality products, services and support that will meet or exceed customer expectations, And all that with the most competitive prices in the industry.


Dental Savings LLC is a leading distributor in the US Dental market, As a customer oriented firm our philosophy states to serve every Dental professional, from the Dentist working at his home clinic to the corporate Dental centers, offering Leading edge products, reliability, and an excellent service.
We are putting tremendous effort to provide the most competitive rates.

Dental Savings LLC business centers are located in Hoboken, NJ and in Los Angeles, CA.

Company Strength

Dental Savings LLC meets the evolving demands of the Dental market providing:

  • A wider range of products.
  • Greater flexibility That meets customer requirements and needs.
  • Improved customer service.
  • Most competitive prices.

Leadership and Management

Our executive management team is comprised of dedicated, visionary Dental  industry professionals with a strong commitment to excellence.

Quality Statement

"Quality is the watchword of Dental Savings and all that we do. Our commitment to quality forms the basis of all Dental Savings's activity, because when it comes to our customers' productivity, only perfect is good enough."